How do I play Mystic Quests?

You do not need much to start playing a game of Mystic Quests!! You will need one or more players a pencil, paper a blank or a completed copy of an adventurer sheet, dice and a mutually agreed quest map. The quest map can either be drawn yourself or alternatively you can purchase a special questing mat from our online store.

Additionally you will need a copy of the Mystic Quests: Core Rulebook, which is currently available for download from RPGNow, or in paperback form from, and our online shop.

After you have gathered these things it is time to start the quest. For each arena you enter the core rulebook will randomly determine what is in that type of arena; including creatures, challenges or puzzles and more.

It is because of this randomness that every game is different with different challenges and options becoming available.

One of the players will take the roll of Narrator who will speak about what is happening in the game for instance "Goblins stalk towards the adventurers through the long grass".

The Narrator will also make any needed general game rolls, but because the Narrator role has no power it can be swapped with other players at anytime, also because of the way the game is constructed the Narrator can also be a player.

The Narrator is responsible for keeping track of what is happening in the game with a notepad, so what creatures are wounded, what adventurers are where.

The game is carried out in turns with either the creatures moving first or the adventurers, this is decided at the point of entering an arena. Each adventurer can carry out a number of different actions types per turn. However it is important that these actions are carried out so that they complement the actions of other adventurers as those players who work together as a team will be much more successful in completing quests.

This game has been designed to be able to use miniatures if the players want to, in which case it means a little less writing for the Narrator, however this isn't compulsory to play the game.

So what are you waiting for try it now and enjoy hours of fun!! Additionally you can also join our community for free and get access to special offers and more resources!