What is Mystic Quests?

Mystic Quests is a pen and paper role playing game, that requires one or more players to play.

The game is set over three thousand five hundred years in the future, on a world that has been dragged out of phase by a alien colonisation device known simply as the Device.

The Device read the minds of humans and created copies of legendary creatures it believed to be humanities natural predators these creatures attacked the human population en-masse. The Device incorrectly assumed this would not draw attention to itself. Humanity struck back and forced the world into a nuclear winter now, after many years the creatures have returned to find a humanity with a much simpler technological and social understanding.

However the Device is still very damaged and can not create the creatures in the numbers it once did.

Adventurers are regularly sent out from human villages, towns and cities with the aim of harassing the creatures to give humanity more time.

You take part in the game as one such adventurer as you try to save the world from the terrible dangers and retrieve some of the lost Tech-Artifacts.

Mystic Quests is a unique role playing game that does not use a gamesmaster like other games. The game is focused on the players so instead of a gamesmaster rolling to attack a player on behalf of a creature a player defends themselves from a standard creature attack. It is because of this approach that the minimum number of players required to play the game is one.

A gamesmaster in a normal role playing game will determine what happens in the game in Mystic Quests it uses an agreed quest map to start off with and then the core rulebook's rules flesh out how the arenas, areas within the quest should be populated and played. As well as what happens between arenas.

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