Press Release

Mystic Quests is a ground breaking new role playing game that uses no gamesmaster, but instead uses a questingMystic Quests: Core Rulebook Cover map that is mutually agreed by players before the game starts.

The questing map is composed of multiple arenas each of a certain type, such as a bridge. The rulebook contains the rules on how each arena behaves within the quest, what creatures appear and if there are challenges or other things present.

The game itself is set on the planet Sarax over three thousand years in the future. The human colonists that arrived on Sarax created technologically advanced cities that were not just cities but beautiful works of art in themselves. Life was peaceful and unlike a lot of the Human Confederation war, famine and disease never touched Sarax.

Then the creatures came; Goblins, Orcs, Elves and things far worse created by the Device, an alien machine of unspeakable power. They came in such numbers that the planetary militia had little hope of stopping them, instead a small strike team embarked on a suicide mission to attempt to destroy the Device.

Now after untold horrors, disasters, sacrifices and isolation humanity has reverted back to a medieval state desperately fighting to stay alive against ever increasing odds...