Starter Dice Set out now - get rolling!

Dice that quintessential component in any role playing game. And how do you go about getting all the dice that are required? And there are a lot in Mystic Quests six different required types in all!

But first of all how do you know what a dice type is? Well dice are identified in the following way D6 were the D indicates its a dice and the number indicating the number of sides.

Well luckily Mystic Quests now supplies its own Starter Dice Set that has everything you need to play Mystic Quests. A D4, 10 x D6, D8, D10, D12, D20 thats fifteen dice in all!

But if this set is supposed to provide all the dice you need how do you use the other dice types we all use in Mystic Quests such as the D1, D2, D3 and D100?

Well a D1 is done by rolling a D6 and using 1-3 as 0 and 4-6 as 1, D2 is done by rolling a D6 using 1-3 as 1 and 4-6 as 2, a D3 is worled out by rolling a D6 using 1-2 as 1 and 3-4 as 2 and 5-6 as 3. Finally you can calculate a D100 by rolling a D10 to find the tens and then another D10 to find the units. So the first roll generates a 10, 20, 30 etc and the second the 0-9 (were the 10 is a zero).

So get rolling!