The Kingdoms of Men

Modern-day Saraxians struggle to survive not just against attacks by the creatures but also against starvation as the best farm land available is almost infertile. The Sartosians have only three Kingdoms Kalgor, Reik and Balruck, which are surrounded on all sides by hostile enemies bent on their destruction.

Kalgor used to extend much further north to the borders of the Rot Marshes. But now it is just a shadow of its former self with most of its citizens hiding within the walled city of Arec. However out of all the human kingdoms the Kalgorians are the masters of iron and stonework, their capital city; Arec is made out of gleaming white stone walls, topped with strong towers, it is nigh impregnable with many redoubts and festooned with Trebuchets and arrow slits. However its one weakness is the underground cave system which supplies the citiy's water, once thought to be impregnable, it is now known to Queen Basheeba to contain dark creatures.

There are settlements that exists outside Arec in the Kingdom of Kalgor however these settlements usually struggle to survive and are often in a state of siege.

The Kingdom of Reik supplies most of the Kalgorians food, as it is in their best interests that the Kingdom of Kalgor continues to endure to act as a buffer for the Reik.

Unfortunately before the Time of Darkness the Kingdoms of Reik and Kalgor fought many border wars as the Reik tried to expand out of its peninsular, it is due to this and the fact the Kingdom of Reik has never been properly attacked by the creatures that continues to breed distrust between the two nations.

The Reik is situated in its own peninsular and rules everything west of the River Nord and its tributaries. It is the largest and most fertile kingdom however it is sparsely populated, mainly by farms, it also has no standing military instead relying on local militia. The Reik is also unusual in that it has no real capital; however its elder council meets in the town of Valock on the northern shore of the Reik peninsula.

Also unlike the rest of the human kingdoms, the Reik is a republic with no nobles. It is instead ruled by an elder council which, while it does give constant leadership lacks decisive action on newly emerged threats.

The third Kingdom is the Kingdom of Balruk this lies to the west of the River Nord and east of Drevick Forest, its southern border is supposed to reach down to the borders of the Jungles of Eldrigh, but in reality its borders are much further north due to constant attacks by the creatures.

Balruck is a ruined kingdom after the sacking of its capital Nordfell and the death of king Torig who left no legitimate heirs. Balruck has now broken down into many petty kingdoms, some ruling little more than a single village, but each with a dubious claim to the throne.

The situation in Balruck is made even more dire as it is not only being attacked on the inside but also on the outside, as the southern border of the Kingdom rests against Eldrigh a dark jungle which is home to the majority of the Elvish creatures on Sarax.

They constantly harry border villages and drag off screaming captives to their hidden kingdoms.