Creatures of Sarax

The creatures in the world of Sarax are artificial constructs created by the Device to wipe out all the human colonists. As it falsely believed after scanning the captured colonists minds that these creatures were humanities natural enemies.

However the creatures while artificial biological constructs still have their own idiosyncrasies, the Device made the creatures closely based on human myths, this has caused, for example Goblins to group together in tribes of their own.

Also unless the Device has taken direct control there can also be inter-cine warfare between creatures. This kind of behavior is more common the further away from Lorus the creatures are or if the creatures are in a sheltered location.

However the fact that the creatures are artificial doesn't register with the humans of Sarax, as this is what they have always known the creatures to be. Indeed if a wounded or incomplete creature is seen with wires or other mechanics hanging out of thier bodies it is just seen to be Tech-Magic by the peasents.

There are rumors spread by some adventurers that creatures in the depths of Eldrigh act in their own self-interest; such as running away when the situation is helpless, or even occasionally fighting against other creatures on the side of adventurers of course most folk think that this is nothing more than mutterings of madmen.

This view, is not surprising as the priesthood teaches that it is a sin to allow creatures, the worst possible abomination against God to live, so creatures that could, possibly be in any way not evil is a heresy.