The Beginning...

Three millennia in the future humans descended on the planet Sarax. The human colonists soon created technologically advanced cities that were not just cities but beautiful works of art in themselves.

When compared with the rest of the Human Confederation there was nothing special about Sarax, situated as it was towards the edge of Confederation space it never suffered from outbreaks of war, famine or disease as some colonies did.

Time of Darkness

About fifty years after the founding of Sarax the colony suffered colossal earthquakes. The earthquakes were so bad in fact that most of the population fled into emergency shelters for protection.

By the time the population emerged again it was night in many of the cities, but looking up into the clear sky not a star was visible. The ruling council ordered that several probes be sent out to try to discover the cause.

The probes revealed that the Saraxian Solar System had been moved out of phase with the rest of the universe, which is why no stars could be seen.

As advanced as the Human Confederation's science was, the Saraxians had no way of getting back or even communicating with the rest of humanity.

While this shocked the Saraxian population the ruling council quickly put into place measures to deal with the isolation, reassuring the population, and ordering the Saraxian scientists to begin researching away to return back to Confederation space.

Unfortunately this was not all the Saraxians had to deal with as soon after the ruling council started to receive reports of encounters with malevolent creatures from Earth’s mythology.

At first these isolated encounters were not believed, however the encounters quickly became organized attacks, by the time the Saraxian militia began to respond to the new threat the first city was almost overwhelmed by swarms of the creatures.

Saraxian scientists analyzing captured creatures soon realized that these were not natural creatures at all, but clever artificially created biological constructs.

Even more importantly each creature was receiving a signal from coordinates deep in unexplored jungle in the area that is now known as Lorus.

As refugees began to stream out of the cities towards the refugee centers at the mouth of the River Nord, several teams of volunteers left on a desperate expedition to save the colony. After fighting their way past ever more fearsome creatures they reached the coordinates.

What they found astonished them an automated device, producing not just more creatures but also more subtly it was slowly altering the atmosphere as well.

The expedition scientists soon come to realize that this was some sort of self-sustaining colonization device and concluded that it was probably the Device that was responsible for the phase shift of the Saraxian Solar System.

However numbering only a few they had little time to ponder this and quickly planted their fusion bombs, sacrificing themselves in the hope of saving a few of their fellow colonists by destroying the Device.

The resultant explosion drove Sarax into a nuclear winter that lasted three whole months, the jungle around the Device was quickly turned into a vast desert and the majority of the remaining refugees died not long after along with every biological construct.

However the expedition succeeded in at least saving some, as a few people did survive the horror of nuclear winter.

The few remaining scientists and engineers tried to pass their knowledge on. But they found that without their supporting technology the concepts they were trying to teach were too complex and abstract for most to understand.

With most of them dying from radiation sickness and not wanting the remaining colonists to lose their technology all together, they distilled the technical knowledge into rituals contained within Tech-Tomes. These rituals described exactly how to create and use items of technology without any regard for the theory behind it.

The Tech-Tomes were faithfully copied and passed down through the generations, and so the first practitioners of Tech-Magic the Tech-Mages came into existence after a few generations humanity began to spread and multiply again, with villages and towns appearing across the land, however human civilization was now at a medieval technological and social level.

The Second Awakening

Four hundred and fifty years after the nuclear destruction and there was no evidence the creatures ever existed except from the ancient legends until a village was attached and destroyed without warning by a Goblin tribe even though the Goblins tried to kill all the villagers a few managed to escape and make it to the next village.

The village elders sent out groups of armed men and soon discovered it was true the creatures of legend had returned. They sent riders out to the nearby towns and villages to spread the warning.

Soon the people of Sarax where under attack once more but while the creatures overwhelmed a few villages it seemed the creatures did not come in the numbers of old.

To battle this ongoing threat the towns and village send out groups of adventurers to disrupt their plans and to return lost Tech-Magic, some of these adventurers have even started their own remote villages, constantly fighting off attacks from the creatures, but most never return.